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Workshop: Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne

At our next open source workshop, Shawn Shaefer will be showing us how to build and contribute to Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne, a 2D platform-type game based on a game from an episode of Community. The game is written in Lua with the LÖVE game engine. (btw: it is cross-platform, so yes, your funky old XP-laptop will work.)

We’ll also have a presentation by Russ Spivey on build system basics with a focus on TravisCI (since that is what the game uses).

Anyone is welcome to attend this event! No prior experience with open source development or game programming is required.


Monday, April 15th
12:00 PM in Butte 201
Bring your laptop!


Semester focus: Mozilla Firefox! Thursday Build-Fest

On Thursday, Sept. 20th, we will be holding a workshop to begin our semester long development project: Mozilla Firefox.

A laptop with 5 gb of free space is required. Firefox can be built on Windows, OSX, Linux, and most Unix-based systems.

We encourage attendees to clone the codebase from Mercurial before attending (it is >500mb). Instructions can be found here: Firefox Build Instructions

The event will be held in BMU 209 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm on Thursday, September 20th.

Seating is limited, so please register to save yourself a spot:
Eventbrite - Firefox Build-fest

Thank you!

Last Workshop of Spring: CSLUG Site

The last open source workshop of the spring will be the website for the Chico State Linux Users Group (CSLUG). This will be a great chance for CSLUG and the Open Source team to collaborate, and should be a lot of fun.

The website is written in PHP and uses the Markdown format for some pages. Ben Carlsson, Vice President of CSLUG, will be giving a short introduction at the workshop.

CSLUG Site Workshop

Learn to compile and
contribute to the CSLUG Website

Wednesday, April 18th
4:00pm – 6:00pm
OCNL 237
*Bring your laptop*

Cells Workshop

Come to our workshop this coming Wednesday, April 4th, in O’Connell 237. We will be working with the Python language on the game Cells. We hope to add some new features and fix some bugs.
According to the original developer, Cells is “a programming game, meaning that the player programs the agents before actual game play starts, and then watches pits his code against that of his opponents. It features two or more teams of hundreds or even thousands of identical agents, which I call “cells”. These cells live in a 2-dimensional simulated environment, and compete for the control of resources scattered around the world.”
This game utilizes the Python programming language ( and the Pygame libraries ( Pygame lets programmers produce games while abstracting the ‘low-level’ difficulties of graphics and windows.
If you’re interested in game programming, artificial intelligence, python, pygame, or just want to contribute to an open-source project, come to the workshop! Cells is hosted on Github. See our fork ( if you want to get started early.
Cells Workshop
Wednesday, April 4th
OCNL 237
Time: 4:00pm
*Bring your laptop*

Overtone Workshop


This Wednesday, February 22nd at 4pm, come to our workshop in PLMS 312 where we will be learning and using the language called Clojure to add new features and possibly new sound libraries to Overtone.

Overtone intends to be an easily programmable synth software, where a user can create and build new sounds/”instruments” by using fundamental principles of sound waves. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have knowledge about how sounds are produced from electrical impulses or the mathematics behind producing the waves, the open-source sound generating program/environment called SuperCollider handles these complications. Overtone makes it easy for a user with some programming experience to create newly formed sounds on the fly by changing sound parameters within code.

Overtone Workshop

Wednesday, February 22nd
PLMS 312
Time: 4:00pm

** Bring your laptop and headphones **

Pro tip: Take a look at Overtone to get a head start on the workshop.