Club constitution

The Constitution of Chico State Open Source Team

Article I. Name
1. This organization shall be Chico State Open Source Team of California State University at Chico, hereafter referred to as CS-OST.

Article II. Purposes
1. The purpose of CS-OST is to learn new software development languages, tools, and technologies by contributing to open source projects.

Article III. Membership
1. Qualifications of Members
a) Any member of CS-OST must have an interest in contributing to open source software.
b) All persons who wish to maintain membership in CS-OST must join the official online CS-OST discussion forum.
c) Persons will be considered members after attending at least six official meetings or events.
d) Membership may also be conferred by a unanimous decision by elected officers, unless vetoed by the faculty advisor.
e) Any person not registered at CSU, Chico who attends at least one official club meeting and joins the official CS-OST discussion forum shall, if so desired, be considered an associate member of CS-OST.  Associate members are not eligible to vote in CS-OST election or hold official office, but they may participate in events and are encouraged to participate in all other CS-OST business as allowed by the CS-OST officer.  The CS-OST officers retain the right to limit or withdraw the privileges of associate members at any time.
2. Assessments and Dues
a) There are no assessments or dues required to join or maintain membership in CS-OST. This does not in any way limit the right of CS-OST to charge a reasonable fee to participants for special events where CS-OST would otherwise incur a financial burden.
3. Membership Termination
a) Membership of any CS-OST member may be terminated by 2/3 vote of the other members of CS-OST.  A vote to terminate a member must be anonymous and must be taken at a regularly scheduled meeting set forth by the CS-OST President.  A notice of membership termination must be posted to the club discussion forum within 24 hours of the vote stating who is going to be terminated, the effective date of the termination, and a clear statement of the reason for termination.

Article IV. Elected Officer Positions
1. Criteria for holding an Officer Position
a) All officers must be regularly enrolled students in good standing at CSU, Chico taking no less than 6 credit hours of course work during the semester coinciding with their official position.
2. Election and Removal of Officers
a) Officers shall be elected by a simple majority vote of the CS-OST members present at the last months meeting of the semester.
b) The term of office for each position is one full semester.
c) There is no limit on the number of semesters a single individual may hold an official position in CS-OST, provided that the individual is duly re-elected to the position each semester.
d) Any officer may be removed by a 2/3 vote of CS-OST members.  The date of a vote for removal shall be determined by the Faculty Adviser or by a simple majority of the club Officers.
e) Elected positions (officers) in CS-OST are President, Vice President and Treasurer. Other elected positions may be created or removed by a unanimous decision of elected officers.

3.Duties and Responsibilities
a) The president shall provide and oversee all meetings and events.  The President shall represent CS-OST to the University and to the other Business and Corporations, as well as be responsible for room reservations and event planning, including hardware and software needs, food and drink, et cetera, with the assistance of the Treasurer.
b) The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining records of all financial transactions for CS-OST.  Including but not limited to the collection and disbursement of club funds as authorized by a simple majority of club officers, as well as organizing fund raisers for the club.  The Treasurer shall provide a summary of the club accounts at each regular club meeting and upon the request of the President.
4. Committees
a) The officers may set up ad-hoc committees for any purpose deemed necessary for the operation of CS-OST.   Committees can be recommended by any member of CS-OST and require only a simple majority vote of the officers in attendance at the meeting where the committee was suggested.

ARTICLE V. Meetings
1. Regular meeting days and times shall be determined by a unanimous decision by elected officers.
2. Special meetings may be called by a 2/3 vote of the Officers or reasons involving CS-OST business. Special meetings shall only be held on regular school days.  Special meetings shall not be held on holidays or breaks.

ARTICLE VI. Financial Process
1.The expenditure of funds shall be decided by a simple majority vote of CS-OST members present at a regularly scheduled club meeting.
2.The president may authorize expenditures up to $50.00 in a 30-day period. Expenditures exceeding this amount  require the approval of the Faculty Adviser plus a simple majority of CS-OST members.

1. A faculty or staff adviser shall be selected or removed by a 2/3 vote of club members. Votes for the removal of a faculty member shall be counted by the President. Removal of a faculty adviser must be accompanied by an official document detailing the reasons for the removal of the adviser.  The document must also include a listing detailing the exact voting breakdown.  This document must be signed by 2/3 of the CS-OST officers to be considered binding.

ARTICLE VIII. Amendment Process
1. This constitution may be amended by a 2/3 vote of club members.
2. Any member of the club may submit an amendment for consideration.
3. Any votes for amendment of the constitution must be preceded by no less than 15 day notices sent via email to all CS-OST members as well as on the club website.
4. Amendments must be submitted to the President and Faculty Adviser in writing and must be signed by the submitter.
5. The President shall set forth a voting date within one month of the submission of an amendment unless an extension is granted by a simple majority of CS-OST members present at a regularly scheduled CS-OST meeting.

ARTICLE IX. Disbursal of Assets
1. Dissolving of CS-OST shall occur if there is no elected president for a period of one year.
2. Upon dissolving of CS-OST, all monetary assets of CS-OST shall be donated to the California State University, Chico Linux Users Group (CSLUG)