Cells Workshop

Come to our workshop this coming Wednesday, April 4th, in O’Connell 237. We will be working with the Python language on the game Cells. We hope to add some new features and fix some bugs.
According to the original developer, Cells is “a programming game, meaning that the player programs the agents before actual game play starts, and then watches pits his code against that of his opponents. It features two or more teams of hundreds or even thousands of identical agents, which I call “cells”. These cells live in a 2-dimensional simulated environment, and compete for the control of resources scattered around the world.”
This game utilizes the Python programming language (http://www.python.org/) and the Pygame libraries (http://www.pygame.org). Pygame lets programmers produce games while abstracting the ‘low-level’ difficulties of graphics and windows.
If you’re interested in game programming, artificial intelligence, python, pygame, or just want to contribute to an open-source project, come to the workshop! Cells is hosted on Github. See our fork (https://github.com/ChicoTeam/Cells) if you want to get started early.
Cells Workshop
Wednesday, April 4th
OCNL 237
Time: 4:00pm
*Bring your laptop*

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