Overtone Workshop


This Wednesday, February 22nd at 4pm, come to our workshop in PLMS 312 where we will be learning and using the language called Clojure to add new features and possibly new sound libraries to Overtone.

Overtone intends to be an easily programmable synth software, where a user can create and build new sounds/”instruments” by using fundamental principles of sound waves. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have knowledge about how sounds are produced from electrical impulses or the mathematics behind producing the waves, the open-source sound generating program/environment called SuperCollider handles these complications. Overtone makes it easy for a user with some programming experience to create newly formed sounds on the fly by changing sound parameters within code.

Overtone Workshop

Wednesday, February 22nd
PLMS 312
Time: 4:00pm

** Bring your laptop and headphones **

Pro tip: Take a look at Overtone to get a head start on the workshop.


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