Next meeting: Chingu (in Ruby)

At our next meeting, we’ll be installing and reviewing Chingu (, a game development framework written in Ruby. Ruby is the second most popular language on GitHub ( and it is widely used in web development with the Rails framework. Chingu is the 3rd most popular repository when searching for “game” (in Ruby), with 20 forks and almost 100 watchers. It is actively being developed, with 10 contributors so far (

I’ve forked Chingu and started a wiki for us:
Feel free to add to the wiki. (It’s one more way to contribute!)

Since the installation steps are a little tricky, we’ll walk through them together, step-by-step.

The meeting will be Tuesday, Sept 20th in OCNL 237 at 5pm. See you there!

NOTE: If this will be your first meeting, please fill out the Join form before coming:


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