Canvasteroids: Our First Project!

At our second meeting on June 7th, we picked our first project: Canvasteroids

Canvasteroids is a Javascript game framework created by David Wilhelm. It includes one example game: Asteroids!

We chose to work on this project because we felt we could make some significant improvements to the example game (plus we needed something easy to get our feet wet). In one week, we added a life and score counter, a hyperspace button, “how to play” guide, thruster animation, and a few other useful things (see all our contributions).

After the week was up, we submitted our changes to the project’s author (via a GitHub pull-request). He merged them in immediately and thanked us, and we got to pat ourselves on the back 🙂

No one on the team had worked on a Javascript game before this project, yet we made a significant contribution to Canvasteroids.

Week one: successful!

[Update: David Wilhem’s made a blog post about our contributions: Updates to Asteroids]


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